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We tell you what's Hub!

  • What is the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg exactly?
    The Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg is one of 12 digital Hubs from the nationwide de:hub initiative, which was initiated in 2017 by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and is intended to further advance digitalization among corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and the start-up scene in Germany. Located in Hamburg, the heart of logistics in Germany, the Digital Hub naturally connects companies, startups, investors, research and academia of the logistics industry. Accordingly, we offer a neutral space in which you can exchange ideas and projects about logistical and digital challenges and let new ideas and projects fly together instead of alone.
  • What is the commonality between the Digital Hub and a fitness studio?
    Yes, we believe that the Digital Hub is like a fitness studio for digitalization and innovation. We all know it: You become a member in the gym to get fitter, but after a while you don't go to the gym anymore. What happens? You don't get fit at all. It's the same in the Digital Hub Logistics and this is something we tell potential startups and corporate partners right at the beginning. If you do not participate and become an active part in the Hub community, you won't get digitally fit at all. It is as simple as that!
  • What is so special about the Digital Hub?
    Over the past three years, the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg has built up a growing ecosystem of 78 startups, 18 industrial companies and numerous initiators from politics and science. Therefore, the Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg is the first point of contact throughout Germany for innovation activities along the entire logistics value chain. At the same time, more than 40 projects have already been developed within the Hub Community between startups and companies that drive innovation in the logistics industry forward. That makes us somehow special, doesn’t it?
  • What are the three pillars cowork, connect and co-create all about?"
    The Digital Hub Logistics Hamburg is based on the three pillars "Co-Work", "Connect" and "Co-Create". Therefore, the Hub coordinates and manages three coworking spaces in the Speicherstadt and brings together startups, companies, science, politics, and research in their daily business. Furthermore, we push the networking within our Hub Community with special connect events, either physically on our floors or digitally via our own HubTV. With certain key events, such as “Logistik trifft”, our “MeetHubs” or the “Gespräch im Speicher” we constantly set new impulses for the logistics industry and motivate people to not only network, but also to work together. Speaking of working together: This is exactly what we address with our third pillar “Co-Create”, where we offer our Hub Community several products and services to push companies and startups in every stage of a trustful collaboration, e.g. with the right startup/ corporate scouting, transparent communication tools, and a proper expectation management. By the way…in 2021 we expand our business and build a fourth pillar “Collect”, thus bringing investors into the Hub Community as well. More infos about this new pillar soon!
  • Is the Hub an Accelerator?
    We are a lot, but we are not an accelerator, since we don't hold any stakes of our startups. We would name ourselves connectors that glue the right people together to push innovation in the logistics industry.
  • Who should join the Digital Hub?
    Established logistics companies as well as logistics startups, who are motivated to work together on digital challenges are totally welcome in our Hub community. Companies and startups who do not want to share their ideas and just want to put their logo on the wall are not really our type.
  • How can I become a partner of the Hub?
    If you are interested to become a corporate partner, we offer three different packages for a yearly membership in the Digital Hub, namely the Platinum package (100.000 €/year), the Gold package (50.000 €/year), or the silver package (25.000 €/year). As a Platinum Partner, the Champions League of Logistics, you receive intensive Hub management support and unlimited access to the Hub's services and special projects. The solid gold package provides you with the relevant components to gain a foothold in the community and with a regular support from the Hub management. As a Silver Partner you get easy access to the network and a cost-effective entry with a focus on events and networking, but less focus on the support of the Hub management. Besides these three main packages, we have a special offer for SMEs that have the energy like the big ones, but no deep pockets (5.000/year). This pacages facilitates the entry into the Hub community and helps SMEs to stay innovative and competitive.
  • How can I join the Hub as a Startup?
    If you are a startup in the logistics or mobility sector and want to be part of the Hub community, we offer you three different packages that can be cancelled on a monthly basis (after three months): the Resident package (250€/month), the Community package (100 €/month), and the Member package (50 €/month). While the Resident package offers you a 24/7 desk in our coworking space with infrastructure and additional startup services included, the Member package addresses startups which are not located in Hamburg, but still want to get access to the constantly growing Hub network. More detailed information about all three packages and all included services, you find here.
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